Surveillance Specialists


Infidelity Investigations

Surveillance efforts can be conducted to observe and document the activities of your partner. A detailed report of the observations made by the Private Investigator will be furnished to you, the client along with any video documentation that is obtained. 

Insurance Fraud Investigations

The Dexter Investigative Group enables insurance companies, risk management groups, and self insured employers to mitigate potential losses in false injury claims. Whether the claims derive from an auto accident, medical malpractice, or a workplace accident the false claims of bodily injury by the claimant may be refuted by evidence obtained during surveillance efforts.

Child Custody & Child Support

In the course of any Rhode Island Family Court matter it may be necessary to conduct surveillance efforts. In most cases a court order is in place to govern the actions of either the plaintiff or the defendant. A Private Investigator acting as an objective third party can offer testimony as to the findings of the investigation and the evidence can be introduced in support of your case. Surveillance efforts may also yield information that a party to the action is misrepresenting employment or income earnings.

On Site Surveillance

The Dexter Investigative Group offers on site surveillance and asset protection to your home or business.

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