RI Family Court


Rhode Island Family Court Matters

Child Custody

The Private Investigators employed by the Dexter Investigative Group maintain a presence in the Rhode Island Family Court judicial system. We recognize the complexities that families encounter when involved in a family court proceeding. The engagement of our investigative services has helped our clients prevail in many judicial decisions. Our clients have found that the services we provide were proven to be invaluable. The introduction of an objective third party eliminates the "he said, she said" proposition that often plagues the merits of any argument heard in court. Working in concert with your legal counsel, your case may be represented with a greater degree of accuracy. Our Private Investigators provide expert testimony and deliver irrefutable evidence in support of your case.

Child Support

An investigation in to the current employment of a party to the action may reveal unreported income or additional sources of income allowing for a modification of child support payments. The Dexter Investigative Group may also assist in locating a party to the action for the purpose of effecting the process of service by a Constable.


Enlisting the help of a Private Investigator can be instrumental in your Rhode Island Family Court proceeding. Evidence gathering in the support of your case can fortify your position and illuminate certain circumstances including infidelity, drug use, criminal activity, child abuse, child neglect, gambling, hidden assets, and unreported income. All of which can influence the provisions of your final divorce decree.

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